Creating landing pages

Already created 73 landing pages
For various business sectors, from cosmetics to HR
Make it in Figma, make it in Webflow, manage the project in Notion
Supporting digital standards
We work both with large federal companies and with the coffee house.
We work with companies of all sizes
Landing for a genetic research company
Website for a mental health startup
Lending for a fintech startup
Engineering Age
Engineering courses for children
Lydi Exams
The concept of the company's preparation for university exams
Local SEO services company's website
What the service includes
Marketing analysis
The layout
Connecting metrics, configuration and optimization
Assess the market segment
Define the target audience
Correctly formulate the problems your product or service solves
Create a set of visual concepts
Let's design a website layout
Let's agree on all changes, justify our decisions
Let's transfer the layout into the code
Optimize site load speed
Let's make an adaptive and test it on different devices
Connecting Google Analytics and FB Pixel
Let's set up SEO
Check the navigation, forms and buttons
We justify our decisions with by research
Before creating a landing page, we do research to separate your business from the competition and make the product the right fit for your customers.
A multidisciplinary approach
To create a webpage, we involve not only designers and illustrators, but also marketers, advertising specialists and copywriters
Total transparency
We record, verify and recheck all agreements and keep full documentation in electronic form, give access to it
Our approach
The main thing is communications
Flexible work scheduling
We work only under contract
We communicate a lot with clients, because communication is the fastest and most effective way to get to know the business, the field, and the problem
All projects, customers, areas and budgets are different. We plan the project before the main work begins, adjust to the task and are prepared for force majeure.
We clearly understand that you need a website to sell. That's why we spend time studying the business rather than implementing complex visual and technical solutions.
We are focused on long-term cooperation and the provision of a whole range of services. Therefore, adherence to agreements is of utmost importance to us as performers and partners.
From $1,000
The price depends on many factors and is negotiated separately in each project. For example, if you need a landing page yesterday, the price will increase. Or if you need to write all the text from 0 and take unique photos.
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