Why we make sites on Webflow

During our work, we have made sites of different kinds: in pure code, Wordpress, Bitrix, Tilda, Wix, and many others. But among them all it is Webflow that stands out. And in this article we will tell you why we chose it.

6 reasons why we choose Webflow:

1. Basic needs are implemented without code

A large number of functions are available without the use of custom code, which makes the work faster and cheaper. Interesting visual finds, custom elements, CMS libraries are implemented without third-party code. But if needed you can even attach backend to webflow site.

2. Optimized No Code

Despite the fact that webflow is a "no code" tool, its internal architecture is based on css libraries. What does this give you? Optimized fast site, smooth animations, fast loading even with weak Internet, the ability to include custom code and export the site to other platforms (including clean code) if necessary

3. Real adaptive coding

Webflow gives a real opportunity to create a unique adaptive design. It has absolutely clear logic for creating adaptive, so you can make a unique and beautiful design on absolutely any size device.

4. Ease of editing

The customer can edit the content of the site himself without the designer's participation through the browser window. To do this, just give the appropriate access to the project. Allows you to quickly make changes to the text and pictures, without breaking the logic of blocks and design, which is often found in other designers.

5. Integrations

Webflow has no internal CRM or widgets. But this space is free for a huge number of integrations platforms, which are suitable and convenient for your product. Payment systems, personal accounts, video services, and even captchas can be tied exactly what you need for your project.

6. Complete conformity with the layout

Webflow designer makes the layout. This allows you not to miss anything from the layout, which he created and approved. But if there is a need to implement a function that is not included in the webflow, you don't need a specialized developer - any frontender can write code which integrates into the site. In this way, webflow becomes a site where opportunities and ideas are almost free from constraints.
It is because of these reasons we choose Webflow for our clients' projects. Thanks to this tool the client receives a site with fast loading speed, absolutely adaptive and ready to work.
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