Why do we often use cryptocurrency for payments?

Hi. Most likely you are reading this article because you decided to work with us on your project and we offered payment in cryptocurrency.
So in this article we will tell you about the reasons why we often work through cryptocurrency payments. How we came to this, and what are the benefits.

Here are the 4 main reasons:
  1. Soon cryptocurrency will become ubiquitous
According to the forecast of analytical company Gartner, by 2024, about 30% of companies will make payments through cryptocurrency, as well as store their savings in it.
We believe that cryptocurrency, in one form or another, will be increasingly used by companies and will become a common means of payment for many. A huge number of people already have a couple of altcoins in their wallet or a couple of NFTs. We are trying to prepare for this future in advance.
2. Quick payments
A large share of our clients are located in different countries. And international translation always takes a certain amount of time. In addition, we are a multicultural team, our employees live in different countries. And fast translation is very important to us.
Fast calculation speaks of trust and willingness to do quickly.
3. Low international transfer fee
Sometimes the commission for an international transfer is quite large. Especially considering that this money can then also go abroad. The commission for transfer between cryptocurrency wallets is dozens of times less. Thus, we can charge less for our services, which makes it more profitable for our clients to work with us.
4. Working with blockchain and cryptocurrency startups
We made our first cryptocurrency transfer when we created a platform for a blockchain startup from Ireland. After that, we realized all the advantages of this type of transfer. And now we often make designs for cryptocurrency startups and make payments in crypto.
Cryptocurrency payments are convenient for everyone. It's a fast, convenient and inexpensive payment format. We pay all necessary taxes, so transfers are legal and our clients have nothing to worry about.
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