Why do we only use email for work?

Hi. In this article, we'll tell you why we only use email to communicate with clients, how we came to this and what it gives us.
In the beginning of our work, we always created a chat room with clients, adding a manager, and sometimes a marketer and a designer as well. The client would invite a part of his team, and even for a small task, a huge group chat was formed. This turned each task into a huge discussion and collective decision-making. Everyone expressed an opinion, someone expressed the opposite, all of which had to be discussed and come to a consensus.
That was a long time ago, now we use only one channel for communication with the client - mail.

And here are 4 reasons why that's the case:
1. Intelligent and clear communication
Now chat is not a communication by correspondence, in fact, it's a verbal communication. Quick reactions, short messages, conversational style of communication.
But for work it becomes a disadvantage.
Communication through email on each side becomes more thoughtful, measured, and clear. It becomes easier to discuss and make decisions. Attaching any links, files and layouts becomes easier.
Also, there is no way to change the interpretation of words. You cannot change what is recorded in the letter, so you lose the disadvantage of calls when words have been forgotten or misunderstood.
2. Chat gives a sense of urgency, but not the urgency itself
One of the pluses, in turn and minuses of chat is the real-time response. The message came in, the answer came in a couple of minutes. Because of this, it seems that all the work happens all the time in real time. But this is not the case.
The chat format implies a quick reply, but because of that, it feels like we get the result quickly, whether it's a client's request or ours. Mail, on the other hand, certainly implies the quickest possible response and response, but not instantaneous. Thanks to this, there is no misunderstanding.
3. Systematization
Chat is convenient for speed, but it's not at all systematic. Finding the right message is very difficult, and the use of audio messages makes it even more difficult.
Mail allows us to structure our correspondence, easily find any messages and files, and thanks to mail we completely avoid the situation when a message got lost or someone didn't see it.
We have quite large internal rules on correspondence by mail, so it becomes a very clear tool, where no information will be lost, and the efficiency of communication only grows.
4. Multicultural team and different time zones
And one of the important points is a multicultural team in different time zones. The project manager knows exactly what hours which team member works and is on call. How to distribute tasks so that the work goes on continuously. It also allows our team members to get accurate and comprehensive information. The manager aggregates all the correspondence, all the essence of tasks, and gives it completely to the designer, for example. And during working hours the designer knows everything before his work began, what decisions the client came to and what to do.
So, even if the chat seems like a good idea, it makes the work more difficult for everyone, makes it less efficient, and mail, on the contrary, makes the work more productive.
Our experience tells us that after switching to communication via mail, the quality of management from our side has increased, and clients themselves have noticed that it is easier and clearer for them to work with us.
Mail is a great way to communicate and work on your project.
If you want to try it, leave an application.
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