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This article will be useful to anyone who writes text. It will be especially helpful to entrepreneurs who do it themselves. In this short article we will share our experience on how to write texts that will work. Thanks to our tiphack, your text will always be coherent and clear, and the reader will be grateful to you for giving him the benefit of the doubt.
Have you often found that you need to write a post, but you don't even know how to start it? You know the topic, moreover, you are an expert, but you can't tie a few words into a coherent story. It seems that you seem to have told everything, but on the other hand, everything is somehow crumpled and incomprehensible.

If you've faced such a situation, congratulations, in this article we'll tell you how to learn to write articles, posts, text for the site and anything else in 10 minutes and for life. So that it was interesting to read and it served its purpose.

A simple step-by-step guide on how to write about anything in the reader's world:

1. Write out the topic you want to write about.
What do you want to talk about? What is the topic about?

2. Think about what kind of work this text does.
What are you writing this text for? What is its importance? What do people need to remember? How will the reader's life change after reading it?

3. Write out a list of questions the reader has about this topic.
If the reader were to ask questions about the topic, what would they be? What kind of questions would he ask? How would he or she ask? In what order? What would he or she not ask?

4. Make an outline of the "foundation" of your text.
Thanks to points 2 and 3, you have the "foundation" of your text. Take the intersection points of points 2 and 3. What you want to tell and what questions the reader has. That's what the text should be about.

5. Answer the questions through the story in your text.
Now just answer the questions in the form of a story. Answer in the same order that you wrote out in paragraph 4. This will help make a coherent coherent story

6. Write the introductory part.
Now begin the introductory part of the text. Write what your article/post will be about. Why it's for the reader. This will help the reader decide how thoughtful to read. And also understand the benefit right away.

7. Draw conclusions.
If possible, draw conclusions after the main part of the text. Conclusions help you better understand and remember your text, as well as apply it to life. This way you take care of the reader and really try to change his life.

8. Congratulations! You have a text in the reader's world.
Our experience has been that this approach helps you write text that is useful to the reader. You don't talk about what you want to talk about. You're writing about what the reader wants to know. That's why it's usually interesting for him to read, because the text is in his world.

Try writing a social media post on any topic according to our guide. You'll be surprised how coherent and clear it comes out.
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