We create websites and landing pages that bring you customers.

We don't do design for design's sake, we care about your results. We build transparent and efficient processes to create websites. And our clients love us for it.
A little bit of our history
Octon is a web design agency. But we started out as a marketing agency. The first 3 years we provided turnkey marketing services, from setting up ads to developing marketing strategies.

For any advertising or marketing activity we designed websites and landing pages by ourselves to be fully responsible for the result.
In 2021, we decided to focus only on the creation of websites and webpages. We made this decision because we received the most praise from clients for this very direction, and we were most often approached for websites.

And also, we were able to build a fully transparent and automated process of creating a site, which was another important plus.
We don't do design for design's sake.
Every page, block, or element works for the purpose of the site. We don't do animation for the sake of animation or illustration for the sake of illustration.
Each block performs its role in the attention/benefit/hurt nexus.
People come to us to create a working website that will be a functioning element in the marketing and sales chain.
We can't help you if you need a design for the sake of design, or a site that wins a design award.
If you want to grow and increase your customer base, we're your friends.

A little bit
about us

We approach our work from a marketing perspective. We spend as much time on marketing as we do on design.
We analyze your brand, draw up portraits of your customers, their questions/fears/pains, make their journey. And based on that, we do structure, text, and design.
We give you access to the project in Notion and Figma, so our work is transparent for you, you see everything we do. You can see what's going on with your project at any time.
We work by sprints. Each sprint is pre-planned, you know what you'll get at the end of each sprint. At the end, we check all the tasks against the checklist, so we don't miss anything.
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